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About Daryn....
So, the answer is, "Yes! There is life after CNN!"

A very good life, indeed.

Since leaving CNN, I've launched this website, It's become the web's one-stop destination for inspiring news.

I've written a couple of books, done a couple of documentaries, and some great radio shows.

I now host "Bookmark with Daryn Kagan" on RLTV, which is pretty much a dream gig if you love books and interviewing fascinating people as much as I do.

Best of all, I've gotten married, become a mom, adopted 5 chickens to go with my dog and 3-legged cat.  Some of my happiest times come from being a "Big Sister" in the Big Brother Big Sister program.

Yes, life is very good.

If you need a more formal bio, here you go:

Daryn Kagan is the creator and host of,(include live link) the web's one-stop destination for uplifting and positive news stories.  Every story fits the theme, "Show The World What's Possible!"

Before launching her website, Daryn spent 12 years as a news anchor at CNN. She also reported live from several major events around the world, including the war in Iraq, the September 11 terrorist attacks and numerous presidential elections.

In addition, Daryn is an accomplished book author with “What’s Possible! 50 True Stories of People Who Dared To Dream They Could Make a Difference,” published by Meredith Books in
April 2008.

Daryn is the host of on RLTV's "Bookmark," a fast-paced, ground breaking format centered around all things books. Each week, she hosts the country's top fiction and non-fiction authors for in-depth interviews.

Her syndicated column, "What's Possible!" runs weekly in newspapers across the country.

Daryn is married, a mother, a dedicated "Big Sister" in the Big Brother Big Sister program and the proud human mama to a 3-legged cat, a 13-year-old rescue dog and 8 crazy chickens.

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